Our customer management

The distribution is controlled centrally in Darmstadt.

Expert advice of the customer management is the basic of long lasting customer relationship.

Our sales people understand the needs of our customers and meet them friendly and with great responsibility,
with the only goal of the highest customer satisfaction.

Experienced technicians are familiar with the requirements of our customers and advise them individually and
with dedication.

Our development

Developments are the efforts to implement customer requirements into practice.

It is a great aim to join the knowledge of building services with the capabilities of the software development in
such a way that the daily work of the customers are supported throughout.
Our C.A.T.S. development engineers implement these goals with the utmost commitment and years of experience
in the practice. In close teamwork with our support team customer needs are met promptly in our programs.
About 100 men / years of development have been incorporated into our programs to date, yet our objectives
are growingevery day.

Our technical support

Here customer expectations meet our services.
Our support staff help our users so that they can carry out the practical daily tasks smoothly.
Nowhere the support is so personally and professionally as in CATS Software GmbH!

The following resources are used very successfully for this purpose:

- Telephone hotline: Most customer inquiries will be answered by phone directly.
- Email: Customer data files can be exchanged with the support if problems must be solved in actual projects.
- Customer center: In the customer center all current versions and documents are available.
- Ticket center: The ticket center ensures our customers all their development needs.
- Online: Online we hold our popular user seminars - free of charge.