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September 2012

The planning and design of HVAC systems with our 3D CAD application ventilation Professional is now available in data sharing with the sizing of the software components Wildeboer GmbH.

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Planning guidelines, such as flow rate, pressure drop and maximum dimensions of ventilation Professional passed directly to the sizing. After selecting the final component is the data set is returned automatically to ventilation professional and is available there for design and analysis available.

CAD-based design and construction of HVAC systems is usually preceded by boundary conditions, so are air quantities to meet maximum sound power level or geometric specifications. The necessary components are selected accordingly. This, in turn, an external component is required by the manufacturer. If manufacturers and CAD program coexist, but can not communicate, duplicate data entry, and increased susceptibility to errors are inevitable.

The user selects the application ventilation Professional as usual from the required component. Be observed geometrical parameters and computational requirements can be entered in the entry forms, the relevant fields are marked. By pressing a button, the dimensioning of the selected component is activated, the boundary conditions are automatically applied. Within the sizing, the component may be calculated, wherein the parameters can be modified by the user and successively refined. After final selection, the component is transferred to the position list. With this operation immediately the CATS system is informed by the specific parameters in turn evaluate.

The component with geometry, flow rate, pressure drop, sound data to number and type information can now be used for the construction of ventilation in Professional. The complete component specification is calculated, associative label and list generation in ventilation Professional available, selected information is displayed as a tooltip when you move the cursor over the component.

Integrating C.A.T.S. Software and the dimensioning of the components Wildeboer GmbH represents a significant enhancement of both parts of the program represents in CATS can now be dimensioned directly and without ambiguity and error-prone data entry. The dimensioning is that content available, the required ventilation Professional to calculate and evaluate the system. Conversely benefited the dimensioning in which she finds their components as graphic and semantic equivalent in ventilation Professional. The components are in the context of the associated HVAC system and can be clearly identified with the manufacturer. A parts list generation is possible in both Professional and ventilation in the Wildeboer dimensioning.
The acoustic data will be taken over by the dimensions, but not yet evaluated. A sound evaluation of the flow noise after VDI2081 required and for the next UpDate already planned.