Our philosophy

C.A.T.S. Software GmbH is characterized by a simple realization: 

Only the highest customer satisfaction ensures long-term success in a small branch of trade!  

- Our owner-management 

- The experience of our development 

- The high competence of our technical support and 

- Our dedicated customer management 

Every day we serve our customers with the sole aim to support them ideally! 


C.A.T.S. is a customer oriented company. The goal is to integrate each customer's requirement considering the company's goals and strategy. To meet this task C.A.T.S. considers itself as a longterm partner whose goal is the constantly growing partnership with its customers. 

This way our customers' steady success in the technical building industry will be achieved by applying C.A.T.S. products and manufacturing services.


C.A.T.S. employees see themselves as customer service representatives.
In their respective areas, they are competent and customer-oriented partners, focused on customer needs. The latter's benefit is at the center of our employees activities.


C.A.T.S. operates profitably and steadily increases its value in order to maintain its leading position as a high-techcompany.


C.A.T.S. feels a great responsibility for its employees. They appreciate the freedom and openness of the organization, theatmosphere of mutual trust.

C.A.T.S. focuses on communication and also the joy in worl itself as a valuable basis for cooperation.

C.A.T.S. offers its employees every opportunity to fulfill their requirement individually. This includes in particular the achievement of the team spirit without hierarchical structures.


Our maxims are

- technologically sophisticated

- practical

- user-friendly

- with the highest quality

- economically sensible


The combination of these elements to a consistent standard solution distinguishes the business performance of C.A.T.S.
C.A.T.S. staff have a high degree of freedom in their actions. However, this requires a high degree of personal responsibility and self-discipline to achieve the joint goals.