Object enabler


How to use the C.A.T.S. enabler

The visibility and the convenient handling of CATS-objects in an AutoCAD sourrounding

(where no CATS software is installed) can be controlled in several stages.

1. The CATS objects are visible by default in any AutoCAD when the proxy preferences

have not been changed on the PC.

In the opening dialogue AutoCAD unfortunately offers a regrouping.

For checking or correction PROXYSHOW and PROXYGRAPHICS have to be set on Value 1 (via the keyboard) Optionally PROXY NOTICE can be set to 0 to end the query dialog.

2. It is also possible to activate the object snaps to the CATS-objects.

For this purpose, the CATS objects enabler must be installed. After the installation please:

  1. Reboot the System

  2. open AutoCAD

  3. command: APPLOAD

  4. Start Group -> Content -> Add …

  5. Select the following from the installation directory for file:

    64 bit: catsEnabler_64Bit.lsp

3. Furthermore there is the option to adjust the display according to your needs. Please use the Command CTS_VGS. Some settlements are interrogated and set. 


The actual object enabler can be downloaded  here.